Yard Tree

20 X 16 '' (50 X 40 cm) oil on canvas.
I getting a bit more confident with these medium sized canvases


 House near McGill

50 X 40 cm (20 X 16'') oil on canvas.

02 06 2018

Montreal Houses

20 X 16''  (50 X 40 cm) oil on canvas


Waiting on the Steps

16 X 20'' oil on canvas


Window Shopper (2)

60 X 60 cm (2 X 2 ft), oil on canvas.

As an exercise in loosening up, I decided to attempt another version of the 'Window Shopping' painting 2 posts back.

 The reasoning behind it was that I would be familiar with the scene and so I could concentrate more on brush handling.
 I think in some ways it's an improvement, although I still need relax more.


A couple of plein-air pieces from Saturday, as I followed a post-Winter river.

Just a couple of weeks ago there were no leaves on the trees and big patches of dirty snow-ice clung to the shadows.

Both 10 X 12'' (25 X 30 cm), oil on board.

A close up of the first one:


Window Shopping

18 X 24'', oil on canvas.

A slightly scaled up version of a section from a previous plein-air.


Garbage Collection

12 X 16'', oil on panel.


Statue in Parc la Fontaine, Montreal

10 X 8'', oil on aluminum panel.

 It rained a bit over the weekend, I only managed this one painting.


Downtown Neighbors

10 X 12'' oil on aluminum panel.

 Aluminum is an interesting surface to paint on.
 Very smooth, and after initially absorbing into the surface, oil paint dries very quickly.
I scratched the fine tree branches out with the back of a brush to reveal the metallic surface.


Main Street

9 X 12'' oil on board


Back Lane

16 X 16 in. Oil on board.

The trees in our area are chopped back quite heavily to make way for power and telecommunication lines.
split central tree is supplanted by it's industrial cousin, the evergreen beheaded..


Disassembly Line

14 X 28 in. Oil on canvas.

 This is based on an old plein-air from last summer.
 It was leant against the wall in front of me and over time I got more and more dissatisfied with the scrappy workmanship. I was going to paint over it to try and fix it, but eventually decided to make a new version instead.
 Then I realized I may as well scale it up whilst I'm at it.

Completed over the last couple of evenings using a couple of these daylight LED usb, rechargeable and portable clip on lights as my light source.


Quiet Day

12 X 9'' oil on board.

A pretty complex scene, a lot of backwards and forwards.
I see quite a few errors.


February Thaw

12 X 9'' oil on board.

 I sometimes try to use a Streetview application to choose a spot before I go out, to prevent wandering aimlessly with my backpack of gear, getting tired before I even start to paint.

 However the place I chose today, as usual, looked nothing like it did on the app.

 One problem being it was imaged in Summer-time, five years ago.

This place wasn't too far up the next street though.


Start of the Thaw

9 X 12'' oil on board.


Bungalows in the Snow

9 X 12 in. oil on board


Two paintings from the super cold snap we had  in Montreal this and last week.
The unusual size ratios are due to me having to snap off the bottoms of the panels so that I could fit them onto my easel.
It was too cold to paint really.
 I felt for my fingers inside my glove to put a tissue in, and couldn't tell I had hold of them.

Snow on an Ice Wall.

17.5 X 10 in. Oil on board.

From the Docks.

17.5 X 10 in. Oil on board.


Corner House

42 X 29.7 cm, oil on board.

I found this back-lit scene quite a challenge.


Suburban Sunday

10 X 20 in. Oil on board.

Finally managed to tidy up the piece from two posts back.
I decided to include it in this post so it's possible to switch between the two.
(Click on the picture to enlarge, then use L + R arrows on your keyboard)


Waiting for the Delivery Guy

29.7 X 42 cm. Oil on board.


The Last Hour of the Afternoon Sun.

12 X 24 in. (30 X 60 cm.) Oil on board.

Maybe I will finish this when the sun comes back around.


Two paintings from the weekend out in St Phillipe, QC.

Squirrel Bridges.

42 X 29.7 cm. Oil on board.

There were a couple of industrious squirrels stealing corn from the farmers field and using these fallen trees to cross the river with their bounty.

Track and Trees.

29.7 X 42 cm. Oil on board.

I just had time in the dwindling light to get this one in.


Passageway behind Rialto Market - Venice

60 X 120 cm, oil on canvas.

A scaled-up studio piece based on an earlier plein-air.

I've begun to work on a few larger pieces.
For me larger pieces are still a very slow process.


Lakeshore Drive, Pointe Clair, Quebec.

42 X 29.7 cm, oil on board.

 After a great Saturday, Sunday was completely rained out, so I returned only with this single painting.


Campsite Cabin

8 X 16 in. Oil on board.



8 X 16 in, oil on board.


Road on the South Shore

29.7 X 21 cm. Oil on board.

It's been a while. We are in Canada now. It's fairly big.


View above Sestri Levante

29.7 X 21 cm, oil on board.

Sestri Levante is about 30 miles east of Genoa on the north west coast of Italy.
It seems to be cloudy all day, then clear up in the evening.
It is a beautiful landscape of mountains dropping into the sea.


Here are some pieces from Venice from the last couple of days.

Alleyway near Rialto Market
29.7 X 21 cm, oil on board

 Bridge over Rio dei Mendicanti
21 X 29.7 cm, oil on board.

Looking onto the Grand Canal
29.7 X 21 cm, oil on board

I have another too, unfortunately however, I 'lost' my camera, so I need to re-take a photo.


Street in Pecs, Hungary

21 X 29.7 cm, oil on board.


Courtyard Greenery in Szeged.

29.7 X 21 cm, oil on board.


Behind the National Museum - Budapest

29.7 X 21 cm, oil on board.


Budapest Cafe-Bar

21 X 29.7 cm, oil on board.


Souvenir Stands by the Grand Market, Budapest.

29.7 X 21 cm, oil on board.


Vecino's (Gran Canaria)

29.7 X 21 cm, oil on board

Door on Sip Street  (Budapest)

29.7 X 21 cm, oil on board.


Road to the Rum Factory

21 X 29.7 cm, oil on board.

I entertained quite a few locals, including the police who got out of their car to come and join in the group chat today.


Alice in Green.

21 X 29.7 cm, oil on board.


Rainy Day in Arucas

29.7 X 21 cm, oil on board.

Cathedral Cafe

29.7 X 21 cm, oil on board.

I had a great review of my work in the local newspaper - 'La Provincial' last weekend.
Here is the link (in Spanish):



Cafe Bar Interior, Arucas

29.7  21 cm, oil on board.