Piece of the Atlantic Coast
28.5 X 80 cm. Oil on Canvas.

Based on an earlier plein-air from the rocky part of coast at the north end of Las Palmas.
It's original format was square but I never liked the lower part of the painting. 

Finally I cut it off.


A couple from yesterday wandering the old town of Las Palmas (Vegueta).

Shop in the Rain
25 X 30 cm. Oil on board.

Behind the Cathedral.
21 X 29.7cm. Oil on board.

I usually work sight-size.
 I feel it helps speed up the process when I am out painting - something very important when trying to paint plein-air. However, this time the buildings prevented me from painting this scene from the angle I wanted, so I tried shoe-horning the view into my panel.

 I'm not too disappointed to tell the truth. I might try it again.


View from a Window

42 X 29.7 cm. Oil on board.

It would have been 'boats on the beach', but I need to get nearer.

I nearly painted the wrong date in.


Alright, one last post before the new year.

Painted today on Las Canteras beach, looking south towards the centre of the island.

Last Day of the Year

29.7 X 21 cm. Oil on board.

Happy New Year.


I thought I could post one more time before the year is up, so here are a few more plein-airs done over the last month.

 We spent some time down in the south of Gran Canaria, it was great to be outside making good use of the light again.

Boatyard in Puerto Mogan.
21 X 29.7 cm. Oil on board.

Sunset on Erosion.
21 X 29.7 cm. Oil on board.

Sunbathers on Las Canteras beach.
21 X 29.7 cm. Oil on board.

Southern Hillside.
42 X 29.7 cm. Oil on Board.

Road to Mogan.
29.7 X 21 cm. Oil on board.

Poolside Diner.
29.7 X 21 cm. Oil on board.


Two pieces from yesterday.

Calle Capitan Lucena
29.7 X 21 cm. Oil on board.

Este momento
29.7 X 21 cm. Oil on board.

The funny thing about neon is the more you squint, the clearer it becomes.
I sold this before I even finished it, so let the new owner name it.



A4. (29.7 X 21 cm.) Oil on board.

An hour by the docks.


Street in Vegueta

29.7 X 21 cm. Oil on board.


Two beach sketches
 (both A4, oil on board)

and a view of a fountain at Plaza del Espiritu Santo:
 Oil on canvas panel. 35 X 25 cm 


Light shades

29.7 X 21 cm. (A4) Oil on board.

Another early dawn painting.
 I must remember to keep the time in mind. I got a bit too relaxed this morning (I was tired) and suddenly noticed the light was rapidly changing!


From the Park.

29.7 X 21 cm (A4) Oil on board.


Cliff Shacks

297 X 210 mm (A4). Oil on board.


Dawn Caravel

21 X 29.7 cm (A4) Oil on board.

This is a full size replica of Columbus' ship La NiƱa near Parque Santa Catalina in Las Palmas.
The dawn flies were gnawing at my shins like crazy.


Low Tide

21 X 29.7 cm (A4). Oil on board.

I just managed to finish this before the waves started rummaging through my bag.


Tug Boat Line

30 X 42 cm. Oil on board.

It gets windy down by the port at times, so straight lines involve holding onto the board with one hand.
Boats move too. This front one was being shunted by a smaller tug to try and knock one of its buffer tyres back into position, I began to paint the smaller boat but it left fairly early on.


Palms at Parque Doramas, Las Palmas.

25 X 19 cm. Oil on board.


Ship by the slipway.

25 X 19 cm. Oil on panel.

 This ship looked like it had had a number of battles with harbour walls in it's time.


Boats on the Beach (nocturne)

30 X 24 cm. Oil on canvas panel.

This is my second ever nocturne.
 In a way that seems odd, because they're fun, and the light doesn't change.
 Theoretically I could spend all night on the same scene.
 That luxury isn't there in the daytime.


30 X 24 cm. Oil on canvas board.

Hopefully she wasn't as bored as she looks here.
This is my 3rd portrait attempt. I feel I am improving, but looking forward to trying another.


It started to (lightly) rain when I started this, but I still ended up a little sun-burnt.
 I am so fair skinned I tan best on thick cloudy days.

Highway Palms.

21 X 29.7 cm (A4). Oil on board.

Below is one from a while back that I started, but we were then asked to leave as the place was closing.
 Since then my wife stuck some torn-up (antique) photo's
 onto it that we found on the road.

 It's a nice scene though, I may go back to repaint it at a better time.

Museo Nestor, Pueblo Canaria

Size: A3. Oil on board.


Two sketches from yesterday.
 I got a bit sunburned painting the cargo ship, stood out in the open.
Calle Padre Cueto. Las Canteras.

Size: A4. Oil on board

Cargo Ship.

Size: A4. Oil on board

Also, below is one of a few larger paintings I've been working on.
 It's weekend work only, so has taken longer than I expected already.

It's also been a little difficult as the room is only two and a half times larger than the canvas.
 Standing back to judge it whilst working is a little difficult.
 I'd love a studio!
Still work in progress.

Plaza Hurtado de Mendoza, Las Palmas.

116 X 82 cm. Oil on canvas.



45 X 30 cm. Oil on board.


My effort from Saturday's Pintar Rapido art competition in Las Palmas (07-07)
No prize but I enjoyed it.

Here is a link to the winners and photo's from the day:

61 x 50 cm. Oil on canvas.


A couple of un-posted pieces:

Landscape near Mogan.
16 x 12 in.
Oil on board.

10 x 12 in.
Oil on board.

Lomo Caballo.
10 x 12 in.
Oil on board.


Bar front.
25 X 20 cm. Oil on panel.

After loads of walking we eventually ended up at a bar this weekend.
It seemed right.


Two sketches from the weekend.

 Both 21 X 29.7 cm. (A4) Oil on panel.



40 X 30 cm. Oil on canvas.

I was asked to make the portrait above for somebody and it was my first real attempt into portrait painting. Sadly it was painted from a photo reference as it was a surprise gift.


I finished this painting last weekend, based on a plein-air from a few months back.
 Painting only at weekends because of the lack of light in the evenings, it took me several weeks to complete.

Riverbed, Southern Morocco
90 X 70 cm. Oil on canvas.

Also here was my entry for 'A Brush with the Broads' Sunday Quick-Draw competition last September in Great Yarmouth.

Yarmouth Amusements.
25 X 30 cm. Oil on panel.


Church Steps
10 X 12 in. Oil on board.

I'm slowly getting used to people watching me, commenting etc.
But seriously, spot the difference!

 Counting the steps that lead up to the door, then, with a finger, counting the steps on my board as I work...
I was just hoping I'd got it right...


A Swedish Yacht
60 X 30 cm. Oil on canvas.

I would have liked to have included the Swedish flag waving off the back. Oh well.
 I like the format of these canvases though. I bought some more.


Courtyard inside the kasbah, Essaouira.
30 X 25 cm. Oil on board.

I made this late in July but just re-found it looking through some stuff.


22.5 X 30 cm. Oil on board.

I was on a strict time-budget with this. (It took an hour and a half exactly).
But maybe the lack of time took away any luxury of indecision, so the piece turned out quite well.


Old town
8 X 5 in. Oil on board.


Garden Footbridge, Ranworth, Norfolk.
10 X 8 in. Oil on Board.