We went up into the mountains for the weekend.
I planned to paint a lot, but the weather had different plans.
 After climbing high up into a pinnacle-peaked forest, lightning tore the sky open and out fell a fantastic hail storm.

 Quite rare for the Canary Islands we were happily informed.
We tried to shelter under meager pines for some time but eventually admitted defeat.
This happened around 11 am each day and did not relent until we backed off the mountains.

Mountain Farms at Ayacata
21 X 29.7 cm. Oil on board

I painted this with one hand holding an umbrella, pulling down upon it as the wind whipped underneath to try and snatch it from me.

I did manage a couple of paintings in the early parts of the days:

Kingdom of the Bees (above Ravine of the Drowned)
21 X 29.7 cm. Oil on board.

Cercados de AraƱa
21 X 29.7 cm. Oil on board.

 And this one after some rains:

Looking West at Roque Bentayga 
29.7 X 21 cm. Oil on board.

On the day we arrived the wind and clouds were moving so quickly I began wondering how I could paint when the land was constantly in sunlight then shade, and I hit upon the 'brainwave' of painting two paintings at once - one when the sun was out, and one when it was behind cloud.

 It became a futile confusing exercise where I simply reduced my concentration on either piece and ended up not really knowing what I was even painting.

Maybe if I'm lucky I can try again in twenty years or so, when I know what I'm doing.
For now I will just stick to the one painting at a time.

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