Looking Along Tomás Miller

29.7 X 21 cm, oil on board.


Small show!

Today Alice and I spent some time hanging most of my paintings on the walls at the Language School. I had more than I realized.
 It's great to be able to see them all together.
 Normally they are simply stacked against the wall or in boxes hidden from view.


The Bridge West

21 X 29.7 cm, oil on board.

Massive man-made structures are amazing.
It's almost surprising not to find a visitor centre and people strolling around listening to audio guides.


The light was great for painting today.

Quiet Church South of Town

21 X 29.7 cm, oil on board.

Bushes and Overpass
29.7 X 21 cm, oil on board.

Here is a step by step of the top piece.


Sea-Front Pizza Place

21 X 29.7 cm. Oil on board.

I caught this at 'golden hour' and chased the light a bit.
It should have been 2 paintings really.


Backstreet in Las Palmas
21 X 29.7 cm, oil on board.

A fairly high-key painting of some shaded backstreets.
 It was 34 C in the sun today.


Ornamental Fountain

25 X 30 cm. (10 X 12 in.) Oil on Board.


Pigeons on a Stone Fountain
30 X 24 cm. Oil on board.


Silver Street
24 X 30 cm. Oil on board.


Calle Nicolás Estévanez

21 X 29.7 cm. Oil on board.

I walked around for ages before choosing this spot today.
I need to be more easy going, and not waste so much time being picky.


Park Bench

21 X 29.7 cm.

The sun was in and out all the time whilst painting this, and the bench was clearly one used by people waiting for the very regular bus, so folk didn't sit for long. 

I still enjoyed the lesson/ time though.



Spent quite a bit of the weekend exploring and painting cacti.

They are almost insect-like in their variety, hardiness and alien-esque appearance.

All these are A4 in size (29.7 X 21 cm) and oil on board.