Suburban Sunday

10 X 20 in. Oil on board.

Finally managed to tidy up the piece from two posts back.
I decided to include it in this post so it's possible to switch between the two.
(Click on the picture to enlarge, then use L + R arrows on your keyboard)


Waiting for the Delivery Guy

29.7 X 42 cm. Oil on board.


The Last Hour of the Afternoon Sun.

12 X 24 in. (30 X 60 cm.) Oil on board.

Maybe I will finish this when the sun comes back around.


Two paintings from the weekend out in St Phillipe, QC.

Squirrel Bridges.

42 X 29.7 cm. Oil on board.

There were a couple of industrious squirrels stealing corn from the farmers field and using these fallen trees to cross the river with their bounty.

Track and Trees.

29.7 X 42 cm. Oil on board.

I just had time in the dwindling light to get this one in.