Disassembly Line

14 X 28 in. Oil on canvas.

 This is based on an old plein-air from last summer.
 It was leant against the wall in front of me and over time I got more and more dissatisfied with the scrappy workmanship. I was going to paint over it to try and fix it, but eventually decided to make a new version instead.
 Then I realized I may as well scale it up whilst I'm at it.

Completed over the last couple of evenings using a couple of these daylight LED usb, rechargeable and portable clip on lights as my light source.


  1. As it appears in small size on the blog page, I thought it was a photo, and really enjoyed how when I clicked it bigger it still looks just as accurate but with a lush painterly feel. Excellent work.
    Also thanks for the link to your clip-on lights, but there's no reviews on the website. Would you say that your mention of them here counts as a thumbs up?

  2. Thanks for the comment!
    Yes the lights are very good, and I like that they are rechargeable. One problem with them is the on/ off button - it is extremely sensitive, so when transporting I wrap the neck of the light around the lamp and secure with tape to try and keep contact with the button to a minimum.

  3. Thank you! They look like just what I need.